Should You Stay Together for the Kids?

staying together for the kids

A new study from Cornell University (via Babble's Strollerderby) says that staying together for the kids (instead of getting a divorce) isn't always the best thing for them...


The study looked at teens in almost 2,000 households. It reports that adolescents living with parents who frequently argue are more likely to "drop out of school, have poor grades, smoke, binge drink, use marijuana, have early sex, be young and unmarried when they have a child and then experience the breakup of that relationship."

The study recommends that policy initiatives aimed at promoting marriage should be aware of how variation in marriage—whether it's high-conflict or low-conflict—affects children's well-being.

Did you -- or are you -- staying together for the kids' sake? Ordo you know another couple who is? Are the kids benefitting, or is this study on to something?

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