Teen Gets Cigarettes from Mom for "Good Behavior"

from the movie "Romance and Cigarettes"

Closer magazine, a tabloid in England reported a more-shocking-than-normal story this week. Really, this one is so bad, I feel a little guilty even repeating it. But Tracy Holt, mother of 13-year-old, Sam, actually "rewards" her daughter's good behavior by giving her cigarettes. The kid is up to a 15-cigarette-a-day habit (mom smokes about 20).


Mind you, "good behavior" in this case is a very relative term. This tragic teenager is also indulging in all kinds of other risky things from drinking to smoking marijuana --and she's having sex --all with her mother's approval.

There are times when you say to yourself every mom parents differently, and there are times when you think, call the cops. Well, call the cops, the Bobbies or whatever they call them across the Atlantic. Point is, this girl is being abused and somebody should stop it. Take a look at this outrageous article, and then, please, co-rant with me.

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