Teaching My Kid to Tie His Shoes Isn't Saving Me Any Time

shoelaces, tying shoes, kidsThe shoe-tying lessons. Ugh. We've been putting it off and putting it off.

Teaching our 6-year old son to tie shoes is not just a simple lesson or two. It means sticking to it for the long haul. Daily. Never giving in. But always constantly stepping in to review and perfect and guide with (yeah right) patience.

It's one more menial task of parenthood that's crazy exhausting, I tell you.


Shoe-tying training is reminding me of potty training. The days were long, and it always seemed so much easier to stick him in a diaper than to constantly remind, harass, guide, and still clean up the accidental puddles...or worse...

In shoe-tying boot camp, we're dealing to with too loose, too long, tears of frustration, tears of failure, and lots of mommy yanking too roughly on shoelaces while mumbling under my breath.

I really need someone to remind me that this really will get easier. Sticking to the shoe tying will make my life easier at some point, right? Please veteran parents of kindergartners, where are you?

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