Does Having Sons Make Moms More Conservative?

Photo by cafemama

Having sons rather than daughters, can change a mother's politics and vice versa, say British researchers.Their recent study showed that having boys makes moms more right-wing, while having daughters makes dads more left-wing over time.


According to Motherlode, the theory goes something like this: "Having daughters made men “gradually shift their political stance and become more sympathetic to the ‘female’ desire for a… larger amount for the public good. They become more left-wing. Similarly, a mother with sons becomes sympathetic to the 'male' case for lower taxes and a smaller supply of public goods."

In the United States, research has shown similar results. In 2004 and 2008, economist Ebonya Washington studied the floor voting records of US congressmen and found that those with daughters voted more liberally on issues relating to reproductive rights, flexible work policies, and government support for education.

One question this research doesn't answer: What happens if you have kids of both genders? Do your political beliefs somehow balance out?

Do you think that your kid's gender shapes your political beliefs? Do you have boys? Have you become more conservative over the years than you used to be?

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