McDonald’s 2009 Moms’ Quality Correspondents Summit


Moms' Quality CorrespondentsIn 2007, McDonald's invited a group of everyday moms to be Moms' Quality Correspondents and gain unprecedented access to the McDonald's system.

Since then, they've gone behind the counter at McDonald's restaurants; toured McDonald's supplier facilities; and met with everyone from McDonald's executives to franchise owners and employees. They've been able to ask the questions about McDonald's food and learn about the quality of the ingredients and nutritional value of their kids' favorite menu items.


On June 15 and 16, the moms will meet again at the 2009 Moms' Quality Correspondents Summit at McDonald's headquarters in Oak Brook, Il., and this time they'll be joined by a CafeMom! passiondiva_ny has volunteered to be part of the experience to go behind the scenes at McDonald's. The trip will focus on the Happy Meal, in celebration of its 30th birthday, and McCafé, McDonald’s new espresso-based coffee line.  

The moms will learn about the history of the Happy Meal, see first-hand how toys are developed, and discuss future evolution. They'll also find out all about the development of McCafé -- from beans to brew. The best part is that they'll be able to ask any questions and get answers from the experts.

What questions would you ask about the Happy Meal or McCafé?

Post them in the comments section below and passiondiva_ny will make sure she asks them at the summit.  Make sure to check back here after the summit when she posts the answers to your questions and writes about her experiences behind the Golden Arches.

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