Inspiration for Girls (and Boys) in Sports from Several Female Athletes


This is a wonderfully inspirational video from the Women’s Sports Foundation. Several high-level female athletes answer the question "Why Do You Play?"


This clip is great for young girls (boys too!) just starting out playing sports or trying to find words behind what drives them. The women share lots of great life lessons and life skills they feel they have learned through playing sports.

Even as an out-of-shape writer, I can relate when Cory Coffey, BMX freestyler, says, "It's an easy way to express myself. It's basically up to you what you wanna do that day and how you wanna be creative that day." Passion is passion, isn't it?

I'll be happy if my kids can have these kinds of feelings about whatever it is they decide to do in life.

(via Bitch Magazine)

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