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tweens at movies alone

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Judging by the conversation in Tween Titans, most CafeMoms do not let their tweens go to  movie theaters by themselves or with groups of friends. They think it's way too young to be sitting alone in the dark with possible creeps waiting to pounce.

Many of these tween moms sit a few rows back in the theater to give their kids space, but still keep a watchful eye.

"I work for a 911 center, and I can assure you that I'd never, ever let my pre-teen daughter go to a movie theater without an adult," says herringbones. "There are too many hinky people who just love to go to the movies and lurk in the dark. Even matinees."


Of course, Lenore Skenazy and others in the Free Range Kid movement would roll their eyes at this. They've probably been letting their 10, 11 and 12 year olds go to the movies for years!

BigMama1283 is of this opinion, too. She's trusted her 12 year olds go it alone.

"My husband and I will either see another movie with similar start and stop times, or we go to the mall across the street," BigMama1283 says. "My kids have cell phones. If you educate your children on how to handle themselves in these situations, more than likely they will do just fine."

She adds: "I'm amazined that parents will not let children this age watch a movie without them, but will take them to a movie with content too strong for the age. Go figure."



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What's the bigger issue here? Letting tweens go to theaters unsupervised or allowing them to watch borderline PG-13 or even R rated movies?

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