Six-Year-Old Drives Pickup Truck, Saves Dad

kids driving cars without license

Photo by The-Autism-Mom

A lot of moms have mixed feelings about their teens getting driver's licenses. On the one hand, it means freedom from having to carpool your kid everywhere, on the other, you have to worry about them being safe out on the road. Still, just because they don't have a license, doesn't mean they can't drive.


Last weekend, Tustin Mains grabbed the wheel of his family's pickup truck when his dad passed out, and in doing so the 6-year-old boy from Nebraska may have saved his life, his dad's life, and his 3-year-old brother's life.

Tustin was in the back seat with his brother when his father slumped over at the wheel. Tustin leapt into his father's lap so he could steer and see out the windshield; he drove the truck several blocks (even turning the vehicle around) when he was finally spotted by police.

An officer reached through the window and put the car into park. Tustin said he got scared when he saw his dad "fall asleep" (he had passed out because of low blood sugar) and was relieved when the police finally stopped the car. "I was just happy," he said.

Isn't it amazing the things our kids can do? Still, I'm not looking forward to my daughter getting her license any time soon.

What adult activities is your kid a "pro" at even though they might not be old enough to "officially" do them yet?




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