Texting: Do You Have Rules for Your Kids?


Recently, I attended a family wedding and, being a grand-kid, was sat at the "grand-kids' table." I'm pretty much 100 years older than a lot of my little cousins...so what made me feel even older than I already did? The fact that I was annoyed when my teen and tween cousins texted throughout the ENTIRE wedding dinner. I know they have more exciting lives than me, but what could possibly be so important?

A writer on Yahoo Shine expressed a similar sentiment recently when she said she was shocked to see so many teens texting at the dinner table.

Do you think texting among kids is getting out of control? Do you have rules for where and when your kids can text?

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onlym... onlymikesstacia

Yes definitely! We do not allow cell phones at the table and I have my daughters cell set up to only work during certain hours unless it is to call my hubby or myself. There are certain places cells should not be allowed and the dinner table is one of them.

madam... madamekatekate

My Lord. My mother would have slapped me for texting at a wedding! You just don't do that!

When my daughters are old enough for cellphones (or whatever contraption it is thats super big then) there are going to be loooooots of limits.

Jason... JasonsMom2007

There will be a lot of limits when my son is old enough for a cell phone and he will know when it is not appropriate to use it!

ArmyW... ArmyWifeMomof3

my kids are not old enough, but they won't have cell phones. so yes, i guess there will bel limits placed on them.  if/when they play sports/driving, we may put them on a plan that will only allow them to call us.  There will be no texting though. 

Lindalu2 Lindalu2

That is not appropriate,and kind of disturbing. It seems to be an obssession. I wouldn't allow my kids to even have a cell phne and certainly not for texting.

sonda... sondamom0828

When my dd is old enough, there will be limits, especially with all the "sexting" going on.  I might even get her a plan that doesn't include texting.

Yonca Yonca

We sure have. No texting when it´s time to bed. No cell during homework etc. And-I check the cell on a regular basis.

It works pretty good so far.


LeXis... LeXisMoMMi04

My DD is 4 so I have a while- but when she is old enough- I will allow texting.. not at the dinner table though.. and there might be some other occasions--

however.. I will not go through her phone unless I HAVE to.. its her privacy- its kind of like going through her room

tresp... tresproudmommy

When my DS is old enough for a cell phone there will definitely  be rules that go along with it.  No phone at all during any time we are at the table, and I will go through it.  There are too many kids doing crazy things with phones now and days for me to just allow my child to have one and not know whats going on with it.  He will also know that I will go through it because that will be part of the agreement upon him receiving the phone.  If I were to ever find anything inappropriate through text or pic mail, you can best believe the only feature he will have on his phone is to make and receive calls. 

momne... momneedscoffee

My oldest two children are 12 and 10....neither of them have cell phones or any other type of "texting" device....and we have NO plans for them to get any any time soon.   Unless either of them get jobs and decides to pay for their own AND their own minutes/coverage...they will NOT have any while living at home.


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