What Are Your Tween Girls Reading?

Have you heard of New Moon?I'm actually not referring to the ubiquitous vampire novel. I'm talking about New Moon Girls, which is an online community and print magazine. Both are popular among tween girls, but only one is "dedicated to helping girls discover and honor their true selves."


It's tough to find media we feel comfortable with our tween girls reading, especially with all the messages that seem to only promote creepy, obsessive relationships, and fashion, and beauty, and skinny bodies. That's why I love New Moon Girls, an online community and print magazine, which is created for girls, by girls and is 100 percent advertising free!

Girls can use New Moon to share poetry, artwork, writing, videos, and more; In fact, much of the magazine's and Web site's content is even written by girls. For example, the current issue of the magazine includes pieces by three girls talking about how they got their names, as well as an article written by Greg Mortenson's (Three Cups of Tea) 12-year-old daughter, Amira.

Moreover, girls can chat together in moderated chat rooms. The purpose behind the community is to promote self-esteem and body image among girls ages 8-12, while inspiring them to create and share their artistic side.

Sound interesting? Suscription cost is $29.95 for 12 months online access and 6 issues of the magazine. You can also register your daughter for a 30-day trial for free on the Web site.

What does your tween girl like to read?

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