Extreme Scare Tactics: Will They Work to Reduce Teen Pregnancy?

(*teen pregnancy video; may not be suitable for young children or in the workplace*)

Will extreme scare tactics help reduce teen pregnancies? The public health specialists in Leicester, England must think so based on this startling public service video, which depicts a scared, screaming teenage girl giving birth on a sporting green beneath a huddle of nuns and hysterical classmates.

The message: "Not what you expected? Being a teenage parent might not be either."


As parents, we all have a different approach to teaching and guiding our children. Some of you surely believe that instilling a little fear is key. Others of you probably like to take a lighter approach. Or maybe Bristol Palin's message and other real stories from teen mothers is the best reminder for teen girls and boys to practice safe sex.

How will you approach critical topics like unwanted pregnancy with your teen? Or if you've "been there, done that," what worked (or didn't work for you)?

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