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baseballLove the ballpark but think ticket prices are a major league pain in the butt? This summer, take the family to a local minor league baseball game.

According to Associated Content, minor league baseball games are a great, cheap way to entertain the family this summer:

  • Affordability: Tickets to a minor league game are usually around $10 per person. In Illinois, I know you can get a ticket to see the Kane County Cougars for $8 (lawn seat). Plus, amenities like parking and concessions are often cheaper at minor league ballparks versus the big Major League stadiums. Sometimes the park will even offer coupons or special deals on food.
  • Entertainment for all: Afraid your kids will get bored during the long innings? Minor league teams often feature fun family activities, sideshows, and entertainment during or after the game. Try to plan your family outing to the ballpark when there are events like a fireworks show or t-shirt launch to keep the kids engaged.
  • Convenience: Close proximity is key. Local minor league ballparks are often easier for many families to get to rather than trekking all the way to the city to see a major league team.

And if you need more convincing? I happen to know that most minor league ballparks have really good food. Don't believe me? Then check out the mammoth Fifth-Third Burger.

To find your local minor league baseball team, visit the official Minor League Baseball Web site.

Have you ever been to a minor league baseball game?

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Jerem... JeremysMom

I love going to watch our minor league baseball team. In fact, I would rather watch them play than a Major League team. Go Chattanooga Lookouts!

Jesse... JessecaLynn

I've been to the Springfield Cardinals.  I would love to see them again with the kids this summer.

RanaA... RanaAurora

I saw the Colorado Rockies play the Saint Louis (Missouri) Cardinals twice when I was younger.

Nanlyn33 Nanlyn33

We love going to the Columbus Clippers games with our boys, especially when they have fireworks afterwards!

coppe... copperswifey

no I haven't. The girls are getting big enough that we are talking about going to a Major League game though. I think they would enjoy it :)

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