Tips for Prepping Your Child for a New Baby


Bringing a new baby into a home is a huge transition, not just for mom and dad but for any other children as well.


Even though they may beg you to give them a baby sister or brother, once the newborn actually comes, it's easy for older children to feel neglected, confused, or jealous (or all of the above!). That's why it is really important to prep a child beforehand.

sxc_mom_of2 did just that and had very positive results:

I prepared myself and my the hospital EVERYONE brings the baby gifts...before I went to the hospital I bought and wrapped some small toys and such for my first child, every time the baby got a gift so did the big sister (child #1) PLUS....I tried to include child #1 as much as possible, like asking for help or for little things like, if she would get the baby a diaper or a blanket... I even was singing to the new baby and I would include my 1st child, so she didnt feel like this baby was coming in to take over!!!! I think that kids will always be that way, no matter what you do... they always wanna be #1 in your eyes, so when you bring home another baby, they might feel upset and deal with it in the wrong ways... Including them helps eliminate that feeling of being pushed aside!

Momversation has some really good tips on helping prepare your older child for a new baby.

Did your older children have a difficult transition? What did you do to help them deal with having a new baby brother or sister?


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