Vacation With Kids More Stress Than It's Worth?

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Vacation with the kids? Worth the trip or not?

About two-thirds of parents think going on vacation with their kids is more stressful than being at work, according to a story in U.K.-based Human Resources magazine. Almost fifty percent of parents say they don't look forward to family trips.


This certainly explains why I feel more relaxed during the week than on the weekends. Work, however stressful or busy, can be so much easier than the more chaotic nature of dealing with the boys. At work, I know I'll accomplish something, and I have a lot more control over what does or doesn't get done.

I know, for me, vacations with the kids are great if they're three days or longer. Less is usually more work than it's worth. And I do love spending time away from home as a family. We fill the days with the quality time that we don't often get within the busy-ness of everyday life.

Mostly I just had to change my mindset about vacation when I had kids. Vacations with kids are nothing like the street-strolling, window-shopping, hour-long dinner eating honeymoon we had. They're not leisurely like the trip we took to NYC before we had kids. There's also no sleeping in. But no matter, it's nice to be away from the stresses of everyday life for a little while. Even if it's chaotic. You have to love chaos a little to be a parent, don't you?

What do you think about vacations with kids? If you work outside the home, would you rather just be at work? If you have tweens or teens, do vacations with older kids get easier?

(via BusinessWeek)

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