What Message Is Twilight Sending Young Girls?

TwilightI recently finished the first book in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer (yeah, I'm late, I know), and also watched the movie. I swore I wouldn't get wrapped up in its lusty teenage angst, but I did—me and several of my 30-something mom friends. And many of their tween and teen daughters are getting wrapped up too.

The other day a mom friend told me she wasn't going to let her almost-9-year old daughter read the Twilight series just yet because, "I don't want the first romantic book she reads to be about a girl who chooses to give her life for a boy." Others argue that the Bella Swan is a strong, feminist character taking charge of her own future and decisions.

What kind of message do you think the Twilight tales are sending young girls? Does it concern you or provide you a teachable moment?


Rachel Allen over on the California NOW blog says: "My daughter's response to my criticism is, 'It's fantasy, mom!' But, the thing is, the romance is not really the fantasy part. The romance is presented as the realistic part. And realistically, it's not the lesson in love I want my daughter walking around with."

What do those of you with young daughters think about this message? Will you let your daughter's read the Twilight series? At what age? Thoughts?


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