Fight Clubs in High Schools

fight clubFight clubs--groups of guys (and sometimes girls) who fight violently for sport--are gaining popularity all around the country. But not just among adults, teens are taking to this brutal sport too.

Check out this video of one fight club in Texas--meeting in a school bathroom. It's a scary thing, but with the growing popularity of mixed martial arts and "Ultimate Fighting Championship" the prospect of kids trying this themselves was almost predictable.

In fact, on today's episode of Dr. Phil, a 16 and 17-year-old who both belong to an underground fight club came face to face with real UFC fighters, including president Dana White. Not to fight, of course.


The teens said their fight clubs are really about training for the real thing. But then one admitted that it's also "just a way to get everything out." The pros warned the teens of the inherent danger involved with such an extreme sport. White reminded them that there are 8 or 9 boxing deaths every year.

Have you ever heard of these fight clubs? Would you have a problem if your child wanted to be a professional fighter?

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