Bristol Palin Graduates, Disney Princess Cover Girls -- Links I Love

Bristol Palin, abstinence, ticks, Disney princesses

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Bristol Palin graduates high school with a 3.49 -- just shy of honors. -- People

Over 40 with kids -- and having another baby. -- Pregnancy Buzz

A blogger criticizes Bristol Palin for changing her mind (again) on teens and abstinence. -- Parent Dish

Do paternal grandparents play second fiddle to maternal ones? -- Lil Sugar

How to remove a tick without tweezers. -- Healthy Living Buzz


Ritalin. Xanax. Ambien. Do drugs help or are we overmedicating our kids? Momversation

9 steps to keep your kid from ruining a wedding. -- Babble Strollerderby

Disney princesses pose as cover girls. -- Parent Dish

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