First Book Your Child Read by Himself


first book your child ever read

The first book my son ever read!

I'm not a keepsake kind of mom; I don't have boxes of artwork or food-stained infant clothing to remember days gone by. But I do have a little kid's baby board book right here in my hand called The Backyardigans: Jungle Colors, for which I'm planning to build a huge shrine. Maybe I'll encase it in glass, or place in a gold frame and hang over the mantel ... hmmm.

There's nothing special about the book itself, a cliche story about the Backyardigans trying to find the lost ruby of the jungle and returning it to it's proper owner, yada yada.

This is the very FIRST book my kindergardener ever read himself! To me!

This happened only last week. And I thought baby and toddler milestones were special. It really does keep getting better and better ...


I don't know when my 6-year-old's reading motor jumpstarted. And I'm not talking just random words but  full sentences, syntax, and punctuation marks. He even knows how to make the proper inflection at a question mark, notes this extremely proud, bursting-at-the-seams mama.

It seemed to happen overnight: One day he wasn't reading, and then, the next day he was!

And now he's like the little boy Edward in the book Edward and the Pirates (great book, BTW). He reads everything -- including the PTA flier about the upcoming school budget vote, his birthday cards, and the labels and instructions on his toy boxes. Not to mention books, lots of books.

I can't tell you how refreshing it is, after, oh, say, 43,012 recitations of my own, to have someone else read Goodnight Moon  to me!

Do you remember the first book that your child read to you? What was it? Do you still have it?

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