5 Year Old Chef with His Own Cooking Show

cookingBobby Flay and Rachel Ray might want to hold on tight to their cooking shows. There's a new kid on the block, and I do mean kid.

Chef Julian Kreusser, 5, has his own show on Portland public access, "Big Kitchen With Food." His mother is the "director," his dad (who works at the station) is camera man and editor.


I love it! Not the show (I've never seen it), but the idea. Julian's parents homeschool him following the "unschool" method. His lesson plan is essentially whatever he's interested in. So when his sights turned to cooking after watching a few cooking shows, his parents helped to make that happen.

And he's not half bad. He showed Today's Matt Lauer how to make sopitas — a breakfast dish that combines onions, eggs and shredded tortillas. Yum!

Is your kid a good cook?

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