All Good Things Come to an End!



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Sunset or the promise of a new day?

The weirdest thing just happened. I just wrote a really long response to my "Am I a Bad Mom?" post, as it has engendered a lot of conversation (that's putting it politely) about what a Daily Buzz writer should and should not say. I never write long responses, if any at all, because I usually figure I've said my peace. I just genuinely like to enjoy reading the often insightful, inspirational things you moms have to say.

Anyhow, I polished off my note (defending my position and clarifying that I certainly do not believe that one negligent act is the same thing as being a "neglectful" or "bad mom") with a group hug Sweet Pea, and thought I hit "submit." But when I checked back, it wasn't there. I'm really bummed about that because I definitely wanted to make some things perfectly clear.


Whoa, I so do not think I am the perfect mom.

Hey, I've made questionable parenting decisions myself; my most recent example of relying too much on my child's independence (actually the subject I was hoping the post would challenge other moms to think about) has to do with letting him brush his teeth at night without me in the bathroom. Maybe that works for some 5 year olds, but mine now has a huge cavity in his mouth. I wish I had talked to you all about my night routine with him because perhaps one of you might've pulled my coattail on the independent teeth brushing thing and said, "Not the best idea."

When I was on my way to enrolling my 5-year-old in football, a few of you checked me, and guess what? No football--and I feel a lot better.

So in the interest of clarity, I try to be fair, open and real. Provocative works for me too. I am a critical thinker who likes to challenge and be challenged, but I absolutely do not believe in mom bashing; that's just not my steeze--and it was never my intention--got too much respect for women and motherhood for that!

Okay, now I can get to my other point.

Well, ladies--sisters, I should say--my time has come to move on from CafeMom. After tomorrow, I won't be blogging with CM (nothing to do with said post!). I'll be steadfastly working on my first book. It's a juicy memoir. Please wish me luck--and um, memory.

I hope you know you all are the best community of moms around--and as a blogger, I learned so very much from you sharing your lives with me and each other. I'll miss reporting the latest in news related to big kids, hearing your stories, and kicking it about my own mommy mess-ups and successes. Having you guys was like having a personal advisory board a million strong. (Please friend me if you like, I'll still be a mom here on CM.)

So no goodbyes (I'll cry!), just so long. Until we meet again on the winds of the World Wide Web, all my very best to you. Take great care and you'd better kiss all those gorgeous kids for me!

(I have to give a special shout out to Peajewel, RanaAurora, aurorabunny--three passionate moms who often have vastly differing opinions, but who have been so consitent in their support of the Daily Buzz they deserve my most humble thanks.)

                                                                                   Your friend, Cafe Kierna

group hug

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