Foster Kid Adoptions


Madonna's having adoption drama. Why not adopt a foster kid right here?

Adoption is something that I can't stop thinking about. I'm not really ready for another child right now, but in my mind, I see myself with one more. When I think about pregnancy, I just don't think I can do it again. I love to see pregnant women and I remember what was totally amazing about it, but unfortunately I also remember how rough and tough pregnancy was on me.

When the thought of adoption comes to me though, I get overwhelmed, okay, turned off by the idea of going to another country to make it happen. Aren't there thousands of foster kids in this country? How come we don't hear more about them?



That's the same thing joaniet wants to know. She says that on TV all she hears about are Russian orphans.

Not that every single parentless child the world over doesn't deserve the love and security of a home--because they do--but really. Why is it that we almost never hear of any high-profile foster care adoptions right here in the US? Why don't we hear about any foster care adoptions? My theory is that perhaps American children in foster care (many of whom are African American) are older kids, or they are children with random family members who just may intervene.

vegaslilqt has another theory, however. "I think it has a lot to do with status," she says. It's not near as trendy for someone to say, "I took a child from foster care", as it is to say, "I saved this child from poverty in a Russian/Guatemalan/Chinese orphanage." Notice that we don't see any celebrities adopting from the foster care system, which is a shame because they have all of the resources in the world to help them! I think it's still much easier for them to "buy" a human being then to have their lives scrutinized by social services."


Why do you think foster kid adoptions are not more publicized and encouraged?


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