Should Teens Be Allowed to Get a Brazilian Wax?

tweens and teens getting Brazilian waxes

If you're planning a family trip to the shore or a resort this winter, there's a good chance your tween or teen daughter may be working up the nerve to ask if she can get a Brazilian wax.

More tweens and teen girls seem to be getting these barely-there removals lately -- this I know from my own real-life circle of moms with older girls.

Boy, oh, boy I can't even imagine how my mother would have reacted if I had requested one when I was a tween!

She and my father nearly had a heart attack when I came downstairs one morning and announced that I had gotten a tattoo, displaying the string-bean size green and brown snake on my bicep. OMG, It was fake! It took another 10 minutes to convince them I was only joking!

And I was 22!



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Are Brazilian waxes inappropriate for young girls? Do you have one?

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