Supporting an Agnostic or Atheist Child


IMO, this was one of the bravest questions I've seen posted here on CM.

"How do I help my 9-year-old who may be leaning towards being agnostic or atheist to adjust and "find her place" within a world of non-religious intolerance?" asks pr0udm0m_0f_3.

What makes this compelling to me is that this mom and her husband--and their extended family--are all Christian.

pr0udm0m_0f_3 explains the situation:


"My daughter who is 9 y/o and VERY mature mentally for her age has been questioning her belief/faith in God. I want to support her in any way that I can. NOTE: I am Christian, as is my husband.

We are NOT discouraging her. We want our child to "think outside the box" and think for HERSELF. But how do I do this in a positive way and show her that it's okay to not believe as the rest of us in our home, and extended family do?

Personally, from her replies to me, and her statements here and there, I believe she will be more of an Agnostic. But, I also won't be surprised, as the critical thinker that she is, that she may even become an Atheist.

Do you have any sound advice for this unique mom? Does your child question your faith? Please no attacks.

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