Kid Has Big Ears? Plastic Surgery Not a Bad Option



photo by thewhites93308

Do you watch the CBS show, The Doctors? Well, this morning I saw something on it worth passing along. The topic was "Kids and Plastic Surgery" (an idea that at first most adults think is nuts), and the Dr. Drew Ordon said something I'd never known. Kids' ears are almost fully grown by the time they are 5 or 6 years old!


Consequently, parents of children who are emotionally tortured about the fact that their large ears protrude ("Big ears, Dumbo, Mickey Mouse!") might want to look into plastic surgery as an option. According to The Doctors, what's known as ear pinning is one of the few procedures that plastic surgeons generally agree is safe, even optimal, for kids between 8 and 10 years old. It's done under local or light general anesthesia.

Of course, no child should be forced to do something like this; IMO, this should really be a last resort. But after what I saw today, if my child was truly bothered by his ears--and he complained about them for years--then I think I just might look into this surgery as an option.

Would you? Do you think that plastic surgery is okay for a young child with big ears?

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