Having Fun With Your Teen



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If you have teenagers, you know that keeping up with them and getting them to make time in their busy schedules feels almost impossible. Impossible but important. Making talk time to bond and share with your teenager is a necessity for a healthy trusting relationship.



In Connecting With Your Teenager goldilocks70 asked, "What was the last fun thing you did with your teen"? Not surprisingly, CafeMoms do a variety of things to create fun with their teenagers. It's definitely a "just do it" kind of thing. Grab your teen and make a date for just the two of you. Here's some inspiration:

  • We went to the St. Louis Cardinals Vs the Priates baseball game tonight & we had a blast!-- racheal1977
  • Me and my girls like doing things as a trio but sometimes you gotta have that one on one time with each of them, it causes a much healthier relationship. The last thing we did fun and made a day of it was last weekend we went for lunch and hit the mall. The always have me acting just as silly as they do. I love our time together without the boys.-- my3babes
  • Just my son and I. He's 14 and we do a lot together. We went to the movies and to the art show on Sat., the art museum on Sunday, but we had the most fun at the rodeo together. He's so much fun to be around.--cookiemonster35
  • My son is 17 and can't seem to find much time for Mom and Dad anymore (LOL). So I make time. He came in form hanging out with his girlfriend the other night and we watched a movie together. We laughed and talked about when he was little and all the silly stuff...I love that kind of time with him. Then at 2AM we decided to ge to Taco Bell. It's great to get a couple hours alone with him. Between his social life, his work and 3 1/2 year old twins, it doesn't happen enough.--3mommy3

What do you and your teens do to have fun?

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