Kids for Obama & McCain: Partisan Playmates

The presidential election is only two weeks away (thankfully), and it struck me how much of a crash landing we're all going to make when it's over. Apparently, kids too. Never before (or at least not in any of our lifetimes) has a single political event charged up so many.


For us as moms to be excited about a presidential candidate is somewhat expected (ie. CM groups Obama Mamas and McCain/Palin Team), but our children too? We had some warmer days last week, and when I picked my kindergartner up from school, I was overwhelmed by the amount of elementary school kids wearing Obama t-shirts. I just wasn't sure how I felt about that.

Not that Barack Obama and John McCain aren't worthy of passionate supporters, but should they be, uh, 5?! Like it or not, this is the year for that. If you're into it, a quick Google search and it's not too late for your kids to be outfitted too. Check out these Kids for McCain t-shirts, cups, you name it. There's even a "Yes, We Carve" Obama site, where kids display their hand-carved Barack O'lanterns! It's official, kids of all ages, of all stripes, are now partisan playmates. The jury's still out on this for me, but somehow these mini-politicos are still cute as ever. Are your kids caught up in the presidential race? Are they crazy about a certain candidate?

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