ADHD Drugs for Non-ADHD KIds

ADHDAnd you thought steroid use by athletes was controversial. What about the idea of non-ADHD kids taking ADHD stimulant drugs like Adderall and Ritalin to enhance their academic performance? Apparently it's happening more and more, especially among college-age males--the drugs sharply help with focus and make you need less sleep.


But the news is that "a study in the journal Nature found that parents of children who do not suffer from ADHD or ADD would be willing to give their younger kids neurological stimulants in order to help them power through their academic experience," writes

Granted, being at the top of the class is a mandate from some moms to their kids, but at this length? Yes. Even some doctors are prescribing these meds for kids who don't need them. The side effects are few and are relatively mild like nausea and dehydration, so some parents say why not?

What about you?

Would you give your non ADHD child ADHD drugs to help him/her excel at school?

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