Are Kids More Stressed than Parents at the Same Age?



photo by Shinde-Kudasai

In our children we usually see a reflection of our own youth, or we see a childhood life we are deliberately shaping to look nothing like our own youth. In whichever case, there tends to be strong parallels that parent and child share---which is exactly what makes USA Today's snapshot question so interesting: Are kids today more stressed than their parents were at similar ages? 

In my own home, I'd guess that my 5-year-old is about as stressed as I was at about the same age. I had a generally happy, safe childhood--and so does he (I hope)--but I remember having fear/fascination with the concept of death at about his age, and now my son does too.


Beyond that, I'm not sure we have the same triggers. The world is very different now than it was when I was 5. One thing is certain, I never had to worry about getting stressed out if the "mouse" was stuck or if I couldn't find the remote.

Are your kids more stressed out than you were at their age?

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