Mother's Day Love


mothers day

Me and my true loves.

Long story but I ended up on the couch last night. Don't worry, it had nothing to do with hubby--the kids slept in our bed, and at about 4 AM, I'd eaten somebody's heel for the last time.

Anyway, later this morning my boys (3 and 5) came down the stairs to wake me from the couch with their loudest possible "Happy Mother's Day!" Just that, merely waking up to their happy voices, left me teary-eyed. Moment's like this one, where I am the recipient of an unimaginable amount of love from tiny people who are just learning their way in this big, big world, remind me that there is no more rewarding station in life. I ask myself what have I done so right that I have these two children who love me so unconditionally. Fully. Purely.


I want to write all day about how stirred my soul is when I really reflect on the gift of motherhood. But I'm not. Today, I'm going to totally bask in the light of my children, and wish you utter joy as you bask in the light of yours.

Happy Mother's Day mothers of CafeMom.

How do you feel today?

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