Mom Gets Revenge, Puts 9-Year-Old on Craigs List


Should they lock this mom up?

Granted, a mother will do just about anything to protect her child. But what Margery Tannenbaum of Hauppauge, NY did isn't about protection as much as it's about revenge. On a 9-year-old. Unreal.

The woman was charged with putting the name and phone number of her kid's friend on Craig's List with an ad saying "Looking for a good time?-w4m 21." W4M means "woman for man."


According to Suffolk County police, it was an act of revenge. For what, we don't know. 1010 WINS reported, "When interested respondents replied by e-mail, Tannenbaum is alleged to have given out the phone number for one of her daughter's rivals, which generated harassing telephone calls to that home." 22 calls, according to reports. This morming an anchor woman at NY1 news kept saying that the accused Long Island mom had a "degree in psychology." writer Brett Singer really nailed it when he added, "Perhaps with a minor in torture." I mean is this a crazy person or what?

If found guilty, do you think this mom should be jailed?

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