Too Fat for Boy Scouts


photo by Debkins

Thanks teenmom2twins for making sure the CM community didn't miss this story.

When I saw the headline, it caught my attention at first because I thought it was going to be about some new weight requirement for Boy Scouts. In fact, the weight requirement is for adults. Any volunteers doing certain strenuous activities with the Boy Scouts will now have to meet a personal weight requirement found in the national health and medical record chart.

It's a tough call when you have committed dads like the guys ABC profiled. They volunteer their time, chaperon, and camp but, the fact is, one guy was nearly 400 lbs., the other almost 300 lbs. Is it possible that some activities are simply unsafe to do at a certain weight?


"We want to note that these policies do not restrict a person's ability to volunteer in the scouting program and are not meant to make it difficult to participate in scouting activities; rather, they are meant to ensure the health and safety of those who participate in high adventure activities," a Boy Scout official said to "Therefore, we do not expect it will greatly impact many volunteers or leaders."

So far, the same policy has not been adopted by the Girl Scouts, but it stands to reason that it might. It will be a much bigger issue then, because then it will be about moms and weight. Touchy indeed.

What do you think? Is this a fair policy or an unfair one to overweight parents?

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