Journal Post I Love: Mooooommmy!


photo by lyricsmommy516

The build up to Mother's Day tends to make me reflective and emotional. Motherhood is a state of being that no words do complete justice to. It is a transformative, ever-evolving experience and only mothers know that for all of the challenges, the rewards are infinitely greater. We are in a special club.

As you reflect on what you love about being a mother, check out clairandamjones's journal post. She says what I think a lot of us feel about the blessings and everyday joy of motherhood. WARNING: You are going to cry!

Here's what gets my vote for best Mother's Day inspired journal post...


Being a mother means I get a new name, and an ironic one at that.  How can it be one of the most common names in human history and also one of the most personal? 

Being a mother means being the last one to sit down at the table and the first one to get up.

Being a mother means asking my three-year-old how she could forget my hug.

Being a mother means I only own about three pairs of pants for any given season, because my kids need clothes more than I do.

Being a mother means itty bitty bottoms.

Being a mother means that every time I look into the face of an infant, I remember how it felt to hold my newborn son in my arms for the first time.

Being a mother means that crusty green snot, bodily waste, and regurgitation in all its glory are simply things that wash off with soap and water.

Being a mother means that stuff will get broken and stained, so get over it.

Being a mother means saying and doing all the things your mother said and did which you swore you would never say or do.

Being a mother means smiling at the sight of my son's face as he gets off the school bus.

Being a mother means that toys on the floor and dishes in the sink aren't important when there are stories to be read, Play-Doh sculptures to admire, and cool new shortcuts in the computer game to oooh and aaah over.

Being a mother means threatening my son with slobbery kisses so I can hear him squeal, watch him run away, and then melt silently as he begs for more.

Being a mother means that I got to breastfeed two babies.

Being a mother means raising children so that they can grow into independent, responsible, self-sufficient adults while still hoping that their fists will always be small enough to fit perfectly around my little finger.

Being a mother means that I can wake up each morning knowing that I have done at least two things right with my life.

Being a mother means that there will be a hundred moments in every single day that will take my breath away.

Being a mother means kissing the cheek of a sleeping child every single night.

Being a mother means that I have finally become the woman I always wanted to be when I grew up.

What does being a mother mean to you?

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