Bristol Palin: National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Bristol Palin

Bristol during the election,

holding her brother Trig.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty

Bristol Palin, new mom and daughter of former VP candidate Sarah Palin, appeared on the Today Show in a interview with Matt Lauer. The subject? The National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

Bristol, 18, of course announced her own pregnancy in the middle of her mother's candidacy, causing quite a public uproar. But in private was where Bristol had to do her real soul-searching. Like many new moms, especially teens, she may have underestimated the work involved in parenting. Now a mom to baby Tripp, her life has "completely changed,” Bristol told Lauer. “I’m up all night with [Tripp]. I’m constantly changing diapers and making bottles. Your priorities change 100 percent.”


Today, Bristol is a national spokesperson for the Candie's Foundation in their fight to prevent teen pregnancies in the US.

The United States has the highest rate of teen pregnancies in the industrialized world. Each year, some 750,000 American teens get pregnant, according to the Candie’s Foundation. Half of them never consider how pregnancy will affect their lives, and eight out of 10 do not marry the father of their child.

In your opinion, are the generally reported facts and stats about teen moms too negative? Or are they an accurate reflection of the reality of teen pregnancy?

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