A Letter to My Mom

mothers day

Dear Mommy,

I cried this afternoon after we got off of the phone. I don't think I'll ever get used to you living on an island--literally. I love it, of course I do, (Christmases on the beach, your gorgeous new complexion, shoot, you've got more of a life than me!), but I'll never get used to you being so far away.

I cried today though, not because you are there and I am here, but because I am so touched that even across the miles you can feel me, you can sense my emotions. I was down and confused today. I really needed you and, surprise, the phone rang.


Is that what mothers do? Intuit the heart of their children? Cloak them in security? Bathe them in love? Watching you, I know the answer. Yes, yes and yes!

You know how much I totally adore you, Mom, how much I think you're absolutely amazing. But it took becoming a mother myself to realize the sheer depth of your love for me. I understand sacrifice now. What you've given me above all, is perhaps the greatest gift, a soft place to land (and your magic trick of knowing just when I need one).

So for Mother's Day 2009, I wanted to share my admiration for you with the moms of CafeMom. If any mothers anywhere understand the bond of mother and child, it's the mamas right here.

Thank you, Mommy.

With pure love,

your daughter, Kierna

Have you ever written your mom a love letter?

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