No Kids at the Wedding


There were no kids at my island wedding! We eloped.


You open the envelope and a gorgeous invitation falls out. Another wedding! But then you pause and think, "I bet this means no kids."

I'm in that situation now. My cousin is getting married this summer in the Hamptons (a beautiful Long Island, NY beach town), which is a about three hour drive from me. All my family has booked rooms at a hotel for the weekend, something I'd like to do too, but...the kids. I can totally understand wanting no children (outside of the wedding party) at a wedding; they can be distracting and definitely expensive. Really, who needs to hear wailing from the pews just before they say "I do"?


Don't get me wrong, I'm positively thrilled at the idea of a weekend getaway with my husband. I imagine myself all cute and prancing around carefree. Woohoo! Perhaps, that will really be the case. But perhaps it won't. There's a good chance I'll have no babysitter (who will keep my boys for the weekend?) and won't be going anywhere. And that's the risk any bride who invites me to her kid-free wedding faces. Maybe I'll be there. Maybe I won't.

Do you attend kid-free weddings?


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