Hate Speech Scenario: What Would You Do?


photo by groommania.

We should all be more like our pets. Loving.

Your 9-year-old daughter has a 7-year-old friend from the neighborhood. You know the little girl and her family in passing. They seem like really nice people. One day, after playing outside, your daughter and her her young friend pop in for some water, when the little girl suddenly remarks on a magnet you have on the refrigerator of President Obama. "I hate him because he's black," she openly says.


You're stunned. You know plenty of people who don't like the President, but you've never heard anyone--young or old--say what this child did. When your daughter reacts by asking her friend why she'd say something so hateful, the girl says that her dad "really doesn't like anyone of color and neither do I."



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By the way, this really happened to FromAtoZ. Click here to see how she handled it.

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