Kids and Coffee. A Good Combination?

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One blogger calls coffee shops the new malt shops. That is to say, seemingly gone are the days when coffee was considered the stuff of grown-ups only. You don't have to look far to see teens, even 'tweens, these days gathered at a local Starbucks--and they're not sharing milkshakes but lattes. Even my three year old, who I've let sip (just sip) my coffee once or twice, thinks it's the best thing since Dora the Explorer (granted, I use a whole lot of cream and sugar). But is any of this okay?


Most reports say, yes, in moderation. There doesn't seem to be any benefit to kids drinking coffee, per se, but the concern is caffeine intake, and caffeine affects different people different ways--in other words, pay attention to your child's coffee habit and look for any changes. According to a CBS news report on kids and coffee, some short term side effects range from insomnia to diarrhea, and withdrawal can include headaches--also caffeine is a stimulant and it can cause the jitters or an increased heart rate.

But the truth is, soda is a typically a far worse culprit than coffee, both calorie and caffeine-wise. Many kids drink that freely and it's been linked to childhood obesity. So if your big kids love a good cup of coffee, it's not the worst thing, but encourage him or her to keep it to no more than two a day.

(Clearly we don't around here. The CafeMom Daily Buzz team is on a a caffeine high! Check out these related posts.)


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