Kids and Coffee. A Good Combination?


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One blogger calls coffee shops the new malt shops. That is to say, seemingly gone are the days when coffee was considered the stuff of grown-ups only. You don't have to look far to see teens, even 'tweens, these days gathered at a local Starbucks--and they're not sharing milkshakes but lattes. Even my three year old, who I've let sip (just sip) my coffee once or twice, thinks it's the best thing since Dora the Explorer (granted, I use a whole lot of cream and sugar). But is any of this okay?

Most reports say, yes, in moderation. There doesn't seem to be any benefit to kids drinking coffee, per se, but the concern is caffeine intake, and caffeine affects different people different ways--in other words, pay attention to your child's coffee habit and look for any changes. According to a CBS news report on kids and coffee, some short term side effects range from insomnia to diarrhea, and withdrawal can include headaches--also caffeine is a stimulant and it can cause the jitters or an increased heart rate.

But the truth is, soda is a typically a far worse culprit than coffee, both calorie and caffeine-wise. Many kids drink that freely and it's been linked to childhood obesity. So if your big kids love a good cup of coffee, it's not the worst thing, but encourage him or her to keep it to no more than two a day.

(Clearly we don't around here. The CafeMom Daily Buzz team is on a a caffeine high! Check out these related posts.)


Do you let your kids drink coffee?

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BG1971 BG1971

In the beginning I was not a big fan of my children drinking coffee... But one day while I was moving and I FORGOT to give my hyperactive sixteen y/o son his concerta... I tried it.  He asked to taste my Mocha Latte and I just gave it to him.. I figured its a stimulant, his meds are stimulants.. so why not.  And surprisingly enough, it balanced him.. focused him.  NOW my hyperactive daughter?  Yeah bonkers! So no caffeine for that teen! LOL 

It really depends, and I am really looking for ways that my kids will not always have to be medicated in life.  So it really depends on your child.

Lynette Lynette

in my religion we don't do coffee(LOL, I miss it).  So I won't be letting my kids have coffee.  Now when it comes to soda, as of now they never get the caffeinated stuff and never diet(don't like the chemicals in diet soda).  Soda is also something for once in a great while for them.  This works for right now, but then my oldest is only 6!  I was surprised when I found out my youngest sister(12ys youngerthan me) was drinking coffee in high school.  Times have changed, I personally didn't have any till I was out of highschool a couple yrs.

heydo... heydooney

I make mine pretty weak and add hot cocoa powder. My son likes to sip my "fwafee" and I let him occasionally. When he asks for his own, I just warm up some milk and add a spoon or two of Ovaltine.

Calgo... Calgonmom5

my oldest is almost 16, and since he was about 5 I have given him between a half to a full cup. It actually has the reverse affect in hyper children and helps them to focus. Really !

Abbys... AbbysMom2001

Sometimes my 7 year old will have some decaf.  What's the big deal?  Chocolate  has caffeine.  Just interested, What kind of religion does not let you drink coffee and why?good morning

texas... texastornado

As an hispanic mom we drink coffee all day long.  My daughter at the age of 9 asked if she could have a cup in the morning before going to school, I thought it was OK. so I said yes,  She started getting stomach cramps at school and the nurse would call me to pick her up.  I took her to her pediatrician and they asked if her diet has changed in any way, I said she likes to have a cup of coffee before she goes to school.  He said to stop giving her coffee, kids her age don't need coffee, and that coffee intererupts their digestive system giving them stomach cramps.  I do not think this is a good idea anymore to give young children coffee....

3DzMommy 3DzMommy

My middle boy is ADHD extreme. I hate giving him meds on days he isn't in school (I'm trying behaviour modification at home). So if he gets too wound up and is spinning out of control I'll let him have the rest of my coffee that has gotten cold (lots of cream & sugar) and that seems to calm him down a lot.

Also I've used coffee when when my oldest son had an asthma attach - YES a few sips of black coffee will help with asthma attach long enough to get help or even stop it. Don't get rid of the meds its only for emergencies.

The Dr. said that its fine for him but not to do the same thing with my other kids. Coffee can become addictive for even little kids.

Reener Reener

My kids are 17 and 20 now. The 17 yo drinks a cup of coffee in the morning, but never finishes the whole cup. The 20 yo hardly drinks it. When they were little they never drank coffee. It's just not good for them. It's common sense...caffeine for a child? There's no nutritional value in it. Why give it to your child? Soda is also served sparingly around here. Fruit juice has to be 100% juice. When they get out on their own, then they can start making their own choices, but this, I feel, is how I want to teach them to try to make healthy choices.

lucho... luchousdiva

My kids have tasted it with grandma you know she will give them a spoon full but that is it.  I don't drink coffee so maybe that is where that comes from.  I don't think that they need at this young age. 

barba... barbar73069

My 16 yr old has been drinking coffee since she was about 8.  I don't see a big deal with it and she doesn't drink soda at all and I personally think coffee is alot healthier than soda.  Just my opinion.  Barb

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