Kissing Kids on the Lips: Do You?



photo by bluejupiter13

What love!

With all of the latest news about the swine flu and everyone feeling antsy about germs in general, perhaps you can identify with lienna who says she won't kiss her kids on the lips because "they go to school and you never know what they can get or have."


I admit to kissing my boys on the lips. I absolutely love it when they pucker up and give me a sweet peck. Now, when someone has a cold in my house, we don't do much kissing period. But I've pretty much developed an immunity to their every day germs; in fact, getting sick is the last thing I think about when one of my sons plants one on me. Uh uh, what I'm thinking is, please don't outgrow this too soon!

It cracks me up that it drives my own mom crazy when she sees me kiss my sons on the lips; she hates lip kisses from anyone. CafeMom VeronicaLee feels similarly, "My Mom passed away, but before she died she taught my son to kiss her on the lips. For a while afterwards every time he would want to kiss me on the lips, it would remind me of my mom in an endearing way, but slowly I have retaught him to kiss me on the cheek because I just don't like it."

How about you? Do you kiss your kids on the lips?


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