Swine Flu Vaccine: Would You Give it to Your Kids?

Big Kid 68

swine flu

The numbers on the growing swine flu epidemic are changing so fast, every news story seems to have a different count of victims. We know for sure that here in the U.S. we had our first swine flu death this week, a toddler in Texas on Monday.

According to a Time.com story, "How Fast Could a Flu Vaccine be Produced?" the CDC has begun cultivating the seed stock of virus needed for a swine flu vaccine should this turn out to be an all out pandemic. (The current seasonal flu vaccine would not be effective against the swine flu.) But the story also warns that the last time the U.S. recommended nationwide vaccination against a suspected swine flu was in 1976--and it was a fiasco.

Time's report is startling: "Under orders from President Gerald Ford, a vaccine was rushed into production and administered to 45 million Americans, at a cost of $135 million. But within weeks, people started developing Guillain-Barré syndrome, a paralyzing immune-system disorder that can result from the vaccine. Some experts estimated the risk of Guillain-Barré as being seven times higher in those who were immunized vs. those who were not. After the immunization program was terminated nine months after it began, government officials paid $90 million in damages to patients who were injured by the vaccine. The widely feared swine flu epidemic never emerged."

This breakout has to end soon or as parents we may be faced with a serious question:

If the swine flu threat grows into pandemic levels, would you be willing to vaccinate your child with a CDC issued vaccine?

swine flu


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tgiamt tgiamt

I would probably decline. My mom received the vaccine back in the seventies though. She never had any problems.

asaffell asaffell

Negative. We'll stick to hand-washing and keeping our immunes system strong. I have no faith in the testing process they'd put this through, since the plan is to rush it out. We also opt out of flu shots because they're silly.

fluud7 fluud7


Where... Wheres_the_Luv

I think we would have to pass on that one. 

anetr... anetrnlov

NOPE!  less than 1 millionth of the population has been effected....I am more likely to die from common flu.

momof... momof1in2002

my son does get a flu shot because his asthma acts up so bad when he gets sick but as of right now i would not get the swine vac

Mamao... Mamaoftwingles

Nope.  We don't vax for other stuff either.  And look... something causes chaos and upheaval...and there is no vaccination available at this time... We are washing our hands and not touching our faces.  We live in a rural area, so we don't have a whole lot of exposure...

simpl... simplysmiles13

I vaccinate and I would not give him this shot. If it spreads to our state, and our area. I will not being going to work and will be staying at home with him. Hubby has already agreed to wear a mask at work if need be. I do not think this vaccine is necessary for my child because I am willing to keep him at home if it comes our way!

pjaca... pjacademy

Nope! No guinea pig here!!

MelyssaR MelyssaR

Another big NO from me. 

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