Boys Do Better In English With No Girls Around


If you thought that girls in a class somehow automatically make everybody smarter, you might have to rethink your theory. A British student, Stephen Proud of Bristol University authored a study which found that girls in a classroom can negatively affect the English grade boys earn.


The more girls in class, the worse boys scored. Proud tracked test results of students at ages seven, 11, 14 and 16 and concluded that because girls are often verbally stronger than boys when they start school, that essentially boys get insecure when they're around. He says teachers might also adjust their strategies based on who is in class, so if the best performers are female, perhaps the teacher will naturally tailors his/her technique to them.

I wonder.

Boys tend to be silly around girls anyway, but could it really all be rooted in a some kind of male inferiority complex--in English, anyway?

Through his study Proud is trying to prove that same-sex classes are more effective. What do you think about that? Do you think same-sex education has merit?

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