Big Kid Mom Sundays: Rest and Relaxation? Right.

Time to keep it real. Come most Sundays, I'm stressing out about what I didn't accomplish on Saturday. I made it to the grocery store yesterday, thank God, but the laundry list--and the laundry--is still all piled up. Today my big one has a birthday party puppet show to attend, which means while the little one's home with daddy (who's indulging in football, of course), I'll be feeling guilty about his lack of outside activity.


I have a hair appointment, but that will take over three hours and I'm not sure if it's realistic at this point. I mean I could take the time, but then what else isn't gonna get done? I'd love to pop into the nail salon, if only to get my eyebrows waxed (the unibrow is getting out of control), but...not likely. And there's dinner. I was supposed to be cooking a few things for the week and freezing it all so that I could have a couple nights off, but I should probably just focus on tonight's meal (which is about as cooked as a goose that just caught up with her homegirls in Miami for the winter).

In the interest of fair play, my hubby's not completely worthless (he'll throw in a load or two and he makes a mean pancake breakfast), but he's certainly worth less than me when it comes to the currency of general household maintenance. I thought Sundays were supposed to be a time of quiet reflection, spirituality, rest, relaxation, but since becoming a mother it's been anything but. Is it me? Do any of you moms (in a committed relationship or not) really find any time for yourself on a Sunday? HOW??!!

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