Do You Brag About Your Kids?

braggingI do! But you know how some moms brag about their kids, family and things so much, it drives you nuts?

"Oh Susie is such a good swimmer! She wins every meet. The instructor thinks she could make it to the Olympic trials in 16 years. My baby, an Olympian! Johnny is so handsome. Everyone tells me I should put him in modeling. I would but you know he's the star of the soccer team and basketball team, when will I find time? Girl, did you see the new BMW? We're gonna get one right after we redo the bathroom. My husband simply spoils me!"


An anonymous mom asked something interesting: "Do you think someone who brags a lot about having a perfect family and being really happy, is? Or do you think they say that because there's another issue at hand that they are trying to hide from their peers?"

It's the second part of this question that stopped me. See, there's a fine line between wanting to share your blessings with the world, and working hard to project a reality you think you should have. As moms, we are all programmed to talk about our kids all the time. For most of us, they're the center of our world. But when bragging is about making someone else feel bad, or about trying to convince others about your "perfect" life, people usually see right through it.

Do you know someone who brags too much about her kids?

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