Dad Makes Kid Get Tattoo--A Real One


Insane. What kind of Dad does what Enrique Gonzalez did to his 7-year-old son? The Fresno, California man made the boy get a tattoo on his stomach--and the kid didn't even want the marking (not that it would have been okay if he did). Gonzalez and another man actually held him down while the image of a dog paw was etched on the child's belly. 

It gets worse.

Apparently the paw is a sign for one of Fresno's largest gangs, the Bulldogs. Says parentdish, "When the tattoo was discovered by the boy's mother, she called police. The tattoo artist has been arrested but dad is missing in action. They both face charges that include mayhem, child abuse, false imprisonment, battery, participating in a criminal street gang and committing a crime for the benefit of a gang."

Thank goodness the mom has sense. I hope they find this guy.

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