High School Students Develop Swine Flu, Epidemic Possible says CDC


doctorThe federal government declared a national public health emergency yesterday, after tests found that eight teens in a New York prep school have mild cases of the deadly swine flu. This strain of influenza is very resistant to treatment. Initial studies of the virus--which started from pig to man--shows that young people are more at risk.


From the New York Daily News:

All 20 confirmed American cases of the sickness that has killed as many as 103 Mexicans have been nonlife-threatening.

Still, federal officials warned the outbreak is spreading and that Americans probably will start dying, too.

"We really need to prepare for the idea that we will have more cases, and I do fear that we will have deaths here," said Dr. Anne Schuchat of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

President Obama, who made a state visit to Mexico 10 days ago, was fine even though one of the officials he met there later dropped dead from a respiratory illness.

Local and federal officials are urging against panic, simply advising anyone who comes down with a fever or other common flu symptoms to stay indoors.

Have you heard of the swine flu? Are superbugs in schools something you worry about?

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