Celeb Love: LL Cool J. Working Together as a Family

photo by Sears

Gotta love LL Cool J! The veteran rapper/actor/entrepreneur is not only a great role model for kids--but for parents too. Last month he gave the ladies of the Today show some keen insight on his parenting techniques (he's got four kids with his wife of 12 years, Simone). Like many dads, he admits to being a softy in a lot of respects, but what stood out to me is how much he underscores driving home the important concepts of passion and sacrifice to his children.


He said, "It's about being balanced and being centered." You have to imagine, it can't be easy living a high-paced celebrity life and still making time for your kids, but he does it. If one of his brood has a soccer game for example, he cancels his plans and sneaks in with a hoodie and shades on. Love it!

Check out the ad campaign LL and his kids did this fall for Sears. The family that works together stays together. What are some ways you and your family work together and stay tight?

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