Mom Kicks Kids Out of Car, Drives Off

car drivingMoms everywhere are buzzing about this one. Have you heard this story?

Earlier this week, a prominent lawyer who resides in posh suburb Scarsdale, NY, was arrested after cops said she got so angry at her squabbling daughters that she kicked them out of her car--and drove off.


Apparently Madlyn Primoff couldn't take another second of the fighting between her 10- and 12-year-old daughters and kicked them out of the car in a nearby White Plains authorities said.

Eventually the older girl caught up with the car and was let back in. According to the NY Daily News, the younger daughter wandered around the corner where a good Samaritan spotted her in tears, bought her ice cream and then approached a cop in a patrol car.

The officer described the girl as "very upset" and "emotional" in the police report.

When the mom couldn't find her, she reported the girl missing only to find out she was out of harm's way. The 45-year-old mom was arrested forendangering the welfare of a child when the family arrived at headquarters to pick her up.


Moms here on CM, have a lot to say about this--mostly that they've "been there" in regards to fighting between kids driving them crazy, but that they haven't "done that," meaning actually put the kids out. Actually in Thurbese's case, she put her daughter out but didn't drive off at least.

Thurbese said in the CafeMom Newcomers Group, "I have also threatened my little ones with I'm going to pull over and leave you there. Pretended once too. My daughter wa driving me crazy. I pulled over by a church, opened the door and took her out. Got back into the car and started the engine. She cried and apologized, then I let her back in. I would never take off..."

To me there are still some missing pieces to this story, like did the mom only go around the corner and come back to find the girl missing? Or did she drive home? Perhaps this is bad either way, but one seems more understandable.

What do you think? Do you have sympathy for this mother? Did she go to far? Have you ever threatened to put your kids out of the car?

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