Turns out even healthy food can be unhealthy for my kid's teeth!

The following is a guest post from Listerine Kids:

I finally got my daughter to eat fruit instead of chips at lunchtime and I insist that she drinks at least one big glass of milk a day. Supermom, right? Well, before I don my cape let me tell you a little something I found out. Teaching my kid healthy eating habits is really important, but teaching her healthy habits when it comes to oral care is just as important.

It turns out that even the healthiest food (including milk) can leave sugars behind that can lead to a really unhealthy mouth if it's not cleaned thoroughly. Ah, but how can I make sure she's brushing well? Enter Listerine® Smart RinseTM-an anticavity fluoride rinse. I know what you're thinking: "Mouthwash? I thought you were talking about brushing!" Well, here's the deal:


A clean mouth actually takes more than just brushing. After my daughter brushes her teeth she rinses her mouth with Listerine® Smart RinseTM. When she spits she can see the gunk that she missed, because Smart RinseTM attracts food particles and germs-which is the stuff that not only can lead to cavities, but also bad breath. (At ten she's starting to care about that-yikes, can boys be far behind?). She actually thinks it's fun to see the stuff that she would have missed without Smart RinseTM so she doesn't hassle me anymore when it's time to clean her mouth. Yay!

I'll confess there are some days we put the carrots on hold and take a trip to the ice cream store for a double scoop of cookie dough, fudge ripple delight, admittedly not the healthiest choice, but hey, we're only human, and so long as she makes sure to keep her brushing habits healthy, I think a little "detour" every now and again is just fine.

So, one major hurdle down, a billion more to go. Hmmm, does Listerine® make a product to make her stop slouching? Study harder? Put the cell down for five seconds? Ok, maybe they don't, but I'm pretty thrilled with what Listerine® Smart RinseTMdoes do. It keeps her mouth clean and healthy and keeps me feeling like Supermom.

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