Perfect Mothers Need Not Apply


dirty kitchen

At least my kitchen doesn't look like this! (right now)


Don't you love it when other moms are honest about their shortcomings and make you feel, well, normal? That's what happened to me today when I saw this perfectly crazy slideshow list: 10 Reasons I Will Never Be a Perfect Mother.


New moms tend to be a bit more delusional about the quest for perfection, but once we slide into the veteran mommy stage, the rules (what rules?!) go out the door. And thank goodness for that. Of course, after my football confession yesterday, I'm not sure I have thick enough skin to divulge anymore business today, oh but stay tuned--my issues are sure to trickle out again later. In the meantime, enjoy these 10 lil sugar mommy confessions; see if your imperfections match up.

10. I secretly admire my son's independence . . .even when he is tearing off across a department store.

9. My kids have eaten . . .ice cream, cake, or Popsicles before breakfast on occasion.

8. I am the mom . . .who worried she'd be put on the "do not fly" list when my son had a meltdown at an Arizona airport.

7. I let my kids . . .watch a movie or their favorite show when I have to finish a work project or make a lengthy phone call.

6. My son and daughter . . .hardly ever wear socks. And, my son likes to tear off his clothes when he's hanging around the house — even when we have guests.

5. My lil ones don't . . .have a set bedtime — they never have.

4. I didn't get that upset . . .when my husband let our daughter wear the same dress for three days and sleep in it in between.

3. I have forgotten . . .to turn in a permission slip, a picture day order, a book report, and three eggs for Easter dying at my daughter's preschool.

2. I don't mind . . .being a short order cook if my daughter is craving pancakes and my son prefers scrambled eggs.

1. I don't really care . . .if or when fellow moms give me dirty looks for the way I am raising my children because I love my kids, and they are happy and thriving, and that is all that really counts.

Come on, share one mommy thing that you do imperfectly!

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