Bring Your Child to Work Day!


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photo by ButtrflyTattoos.

. Looks like she's ready for the board meeting!

Remember when this used to be called "Take Your Daughter to Work Day"? I guess in the interest of being fair to boys (ironic since the initial reason to create it was because the world was unfair to girls), the idea has expanded to "Bring Your Child to Work Day." Either way, it's a very cool concept.

Advertisement blogger mom Fiona Charles read my mind, however. While this idea is a blast for kids--I remember being at both my parents jobs on occasion and thinking life couldn't get any better--if the children are too young (say 3 and under) it can be a distraction and ultimately a waste of everyone's time.

"Don't get me wrong," Fiona writes. "I think the idea of exposing our children to our work environments is a good one. However, I do think it is more appropriate for kids of a certain age. My 4 1/2 year old might get something out of it, something very little, like knowing that her Daddy works in an office building with a computer. However my 2 1/2 year old would probably take very little away from it."

I am thinking these days are best spent with kids 5 and older. It's important for them to observe worlds outside of their own, plus the next time they complain about doing their own work, you get to remind them of all the different hats you wear!

Did you bring your child to work today? Will you in the future? Of course, if you don't work outside the home, you bring your kid to work everyday already!


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