Fast Food Toys

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Is it me or, for a certain age group, are the toys you buy with kids meals at fast food places great? We rarely do take out (saving money, staying healthy!), so I'm just starting to notice how on the "hot list" these toys really are. This morning at my son's school, some boys in his kindergarten class were comparing McDonald's Monsters vs Aliens toys like they were vintage baseball cards. Last weekend my sons both got one too--and they love them.


In the past , I've gone on eBay to buy old fast food toys like Tarzan and the Lion King. Hits each time!

You know, when the cashier rang up the bill, I definitely wasn't that happy about spending $14 on fast food. But I'm seriously finding that the toys are worth the Happy Meal!  And who knew you could buy them separate for 2 bucks or so? I know where I'm doing my Christmas shopping. LOL!

Do your children play with kids meal toys?

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